Library of the Centre has a very large collection of books and journals relating to water resources and allied fields. Apart from books, the library possesses proceedings of international seminars and conferences, publications of FAO & UN agencies and back files of thirty international journals relating to hydrology, hydraulic and water resources. Besides these, the Centre regularly subscribes about thirty such journals. The Centre also collects local project reports for reference by the students and researchers.


The Centre library is one of the best in Pakistan in water resources. It’s holdings include latest books, journals, seminar proceedings and technical reports relating to water resources engineering and allied fields.

Some of the important journals that are subscribed are ASCE Journals like the following:

  • Hydraulics
  • Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
  • Water Resources Planning & Management
  • Journal of Hydrology
  • Agricultural Water Management
  • Hydrological Sciences Journal
  • Irrigation Science
  • Journal of Soil & Water Conservation
  • Journal of Hydraulic Research
  • Proceeding I.C.E.
  • Water Resources Research
  • Water Resources Bulletin
  • Groundwater
  • ASAE Transactions.


The library also have back files of these Journals from 1960 onwards. In addition, proceedings of international seminars, and publications of international agencies, such as ASCE, ICE, FAO, ICID, IC1MOD, UNESCO, WMO, World Bank and ESCAP etc are also available. The library also possesses micro­film reader and video-films some of which have been prepared by the Audio-Visual Section of the Centre. Library has been recently linked with a variety of journals through access via internet to on-line journals.

New Arrivals

  • Glacier Science & Environmental Change by Peter G. Knight
  • The Ecological World View by Charles Krebs
  •  Water Resources Engineering by Ralph A. Wurbs
  • Water Resurces System Planning & Management by Daniel P. Loucks
  • Groundwater Science by Charles R. Fittes
  • Kalabagh Dam Sifting Fact From Fiction by Zafar Mahmood
  • Climate Change & Social Ecology by Stephen M. Wheeler
  • Agriculture Development & Environmental Degrad.. by Rintu Sohi
  • A textbook of water power engineering by Sharma
  • Handbook of engineering hydrology modeling climate change..
  • Hydraulic structures by Chen
  • Hydro diplomacy preventing water war between nuclear armed..
  • Hydrology and hydro climatology principles and application..
  • Hydrology and Soil conservation engineering including water..
  • Remote sensing application for the urban environment by Xian
  • The Global positioning system and ARCGIS by Kenndy
  • Fundamental of optimization techniques with.. by Sukanta Nayak
  • Computer models for watershed hydrology by Vijay P. Singh
  • Spatial analysis with R Statistics visuali… by Tonny J. Oryan
  • Rainfall runoff modelling in gauge & unga.. by Thorsken Wegener
  • Python programming for beginners, quick start.. 2020 by Ray Yao
  • Python for ArcGIS 2015 by Laura Tateosian
  • Water resources system analysis by Mohammad Karamouz
  • Transboundary water management principles and practice…
  • Transboundary water resources management by Ganoulis J
  • Water issues in Himalayan south Asia internal challenges di..
  • Indus Water Treaty by Hussain
  • Trans-boundary water issues in south Asia by Tauhidul Anwar Khan


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