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It is indeed an honor to welcome you to this newly inaugurated web site of Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering (CEWRE), located at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. The Centre is one of the top academic and research institute in the field of water resource created by act of Federal Government in 1976. Through its postgraduate academic programs in water resources engineering, management, hydrology and hydropower power, the Centre has provided highly skilled engineering force, playing pivotal role in development and management of water resources of Pakistan and the region. CEWRE has collaborated with National and International institutes to complete several research projects pertaining to challenges faced by the nation & region in fields of irrigation, agriculture, climate change, water resources development, and disaster management (especially droughts and floods).

For the last forty years, Centre’s faculty and staff have been instrumental by transferring knowledge to young professionals in the field of water resources engineering and management. Its alumni are working not only in Pakistan in public and private sector, but also serving the humanity in various countries such as Australia, Netherland, KSA, USA, etc.

Keeping in view the present day challenges of water scarcity, and looming climate change, the Centre has made a five year plan (2019-23) to enhance its research and teaching capabilities through renovation of labs, induction of highly qualified faculty, and well trained staff.

Currently CEWRE has more than 150 enrolled students pursuing their masters and PhD degrees, and carrying out Master and PhD research using state of the art scientific knowledge, simulation and optimization tools, keeping in mind the needs of sustainable development.

Our last forty years were the development phase, I have strong belief and urge that next forty years will be the years of leadership. Centre will lead the research and development in the field of water resources. May Allah help us.

Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan



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Centre's Vision

To generate knowledge for global competitive advantage and become a leading world class water related research institute. Develop the Centre as an international seat of learning. Liaison with water related institutions nationally as well as internationally. Dissemination and sharing of the state of art of knowledge to scientific community.


Centre's Mission

Provide testing and consultancy services to Government and Liaison with water related institutions nationally as well as internationally. Innovative solutions for emerging water related issues and technological advancement.


Degree Programs


M.Sc./ Ph.D Water Resources Management

This program emphasizes on the techniques, requirements, modalities, constraints, alternatives, etc.

M.Sc./ Ph.D Engineeering Hydrology

This program imparts training on the modalities for development and harnessing of water resources for various uses.

M.Sc. Hydropower Engineering

This program focus on the description of low or high head hydro power generation, power economics, dams and reservoirs needed for high head generation.
Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

M.Sc./Ph.D Water Resource Engineering

This program imparts training on the modalities for development and harnessing of water resources for various uses.

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