1Muhammad Masood AshiqM.Sc.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Habib ur Rehman06.11.2019Monitoring and modelling of groundwater recharge through recharging wells2019WREModelling
2Hammad ur RehmanM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ijaz Ahmad26.09.2019Forecasting of hydro meteorological time series using ARIMA model for reservoir operation2019WREOperation
3Muddasar MasoodM.Sc(WRE)Dr. Ijaz Ahmad23.08.2019Formulation of a bi-level multi-objective model for optimal allocation of water resources2019WREDesign
4Muhammad EhtshamM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Muhammad Waseem08.08.2019Multiregional evaluation of sm2rain satellite based precipitation product in Pakistan2019WREOperationPakistan
5Abaid UllahM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Ashiq Kharal18.07.2019Groundwater recharge of Lahore city by ponding in River Ravi2019WREPlanningLahore,Pakistan
6Muhammad MasoodPh.D. (WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir07.05.2019Evaluation and BIAS correction of remotely sensed precipitation for Pakistan2019WREPlanningPakistan
7Sumaira KhanumM.Sc(HPE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi29.04.2019Optimization of hydropower for sustainable energy in Pakistan2019HPEOptimizationPakistan
8Engr.Asim Qayyum ButtM.Sc(HPE)Dr. Muhammad Waseem09.04.2019Ascertainment of hydropower potential sites in hunza river basin using location analysis algorithm2019HPEOperationHunza river basin
9Muhammad Bilal AkramM.Sc(HPE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi22.03.2019Optimization of hydropower potential of municipal water supply dam2019HPEOptimization
10Abdul Wasse KhanM.Sc.(WRE)Dr. Sajid Mehmood06.02.2019Studying climate change and its impact on crop water requirement2019WREPlanning
11Muhammad Muneeb ur RehmanM.Sc.(WRE)Dr. Muhammad Waseem15.02.2019Impact of climate variation on hydrological behavior of snow fed catchment: A case study of Chitral basin2019WREAssesmentChitral Basin
12Moien Ahsan Ph.D.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir19.02.2019Impact of climate change on sediment flow by using spatial distributed modeling for selected catchments in upper Indus basin.2019WREAssesmentUpper indus basin
13Syed M. Ansar Raza ShiraziM.Sc.(WRE)Prof. Dr. Sajid Azeemi20.08.2018Numerical modeling of the tailrace channel of chashma hydropower project2018WREModellingChashma hydropower project
14Haseeb AkbarM.Sc.(WRE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi19.01.2018Impact assessment of climate change on runoff in the kunhar river watershed using swat model2018WREAssesmentKunhar river
15Muhammad Amjad SaleemM.Sc.(WRE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi14.09.2018Physical model study of effectiveness of spur under various flow conditions2018WREPlanning
16Ather SaleemM.Sc.(WRE)Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ashiq Kharal14.09.2018Management of tobas and rain water harvesting techniques in Cholistan desert2018WREManagement/planningCholistan desert, Pakistan
17Engr.Adnan Ahmed ButtM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi14.05.2018Assessment of flow regulation effects of mangla dam raising on downstream river regime2018WREAssesmentMangla dam
18Muhammad Awais ZafarM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi03.05.2018Impact of mangla dam raising on floods in Jhelum river2018WREAssesmentJhelum River Basin
19Ahmad MujtabaM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi08.01.2018Estimation of water budget for an irrigation channel (A case study of 3L,4L distributaries of Ahmadpur canal2018WREOperationAhmadpur canal
20Muhammad IsmailM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi08.01.2018Investigation of issues faced by farmers towards adoption of drip irrigation in Southern Punjab2018WREPlanningSouthern Punjab
21Zeeshan ManzoorM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi22.11.2017Numerical simulation for the hydraulic analysis of canal (A case study of selected canal)2017WRESimulation
22Zil-e-Huma MalikM.Sc.(HP)Dr. Ghulam Nabi20.10.2017Maximizing the energy output of HPP: A case study of Nasirabad hydro power project2017HPOperationNasirabad hydropower
23Syed Abbas AliM.Sc. (WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir08.05.2017Assessment of divisional rotational plan on shortage of water for main line lower (MLL) Upper Chenab canal (UCC) Sheikhupura division2017WREAssesmentSheikhupura division
24Haseeb ur RehmanM.Sc. (WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir22.05.2017Evaluation and study of particular failures of small dams in Pothohar plateau of Punjab2017WREOperationPotohar Area
25Muhammad AshrafPh.D.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir29.03.2017Study of morphological changes in braided river reach2017WREOperation
26Qasim SarfrazM.Sc.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir14.02.2017Flood zoning simulation: a case study of river Swat from utror valley Kalam to Bazkhela2017WRESimulationRiver Swat
27Abdul MalikPh.D.(WRM)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir25.02.2017Understanding the interaction of deficit irrigation and mulching in raised-bed irrigation system for efficient water use2017WRMPlanning
28Adnan YousafM.Sc.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir22.08.2016Study on the impact of sediment discharge from tarbela reservoir on downstream ghazi barrage pond2016WREPlanningTarbela reservoir, Pakistan
29Muhammad TariqM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi29.12.2016Rainwater harvesting options and issues: a case study of Lahore2016WREPlanningLahore,Pakistan
30Muhammad Bilal IdreesM.Sc.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir26.12.2016Study of sediment flushing options in small reservoirs2016WREPlanning
31Muhammad YasarM.Sc.(HPE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi20.10.2016Numerical modeling for sensitivity analysis of water hammer in penstock2016HPEModelling
32Muhammad Adnan MajeedM.Sc.(WRE))Dr.Sajid Mehmood05.09.2016Assessment of reference evapotranspiration by Hargreaves method in Southern Punjab2016WREAssesmentSouthern Punjab
33Wasim HaiderM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi29.12.2016Parameter evaluation of different irrigation methods in bari doab of Pakistan2016WREAssesmentBari doab, Pakistan
34Muhammad YaseenPh.D(WRE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi07.09.2016Climate change and its impact on streamflows in Mangla watershed using GIS based hydrological modeling2016WREModellingMangla
35Arslan ArshadM.Sc(WRE)Dr. Ghulam Nabi04.07.2016Estimation of cloimate change and its impact on rainfall pattern in southern Punjab2016MScWREPlanningSouthern Punjab
36Farooq Azim CheemaPh.D(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir17.06.2016Impact of climate change on sediment yield of mountainous watershed:A case study of Naran basin2016WREOperationNaran basin
37Yawar Mahmood28.04.2016Impact Satpara dam on agriculture irrigation practices and socio-economic development of Skardu town, Gilgit-Baltistan2016MscWREPlanningSkardu, Pakistan
38Ehtesham AhmedM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi29.04.2016Hydrological and topographical modeling of new dam site using gis and remote sensing techniques2016MScWREModelling
39Sarfraz KhalidM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir28.12.2015Post construction performance of intake under water toe weight for raised mangla dam2015MScWREOperationMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
40Muhammad ImranM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Sajid Mahmood22.12.2015Stability and design analysis of watercourses in sand dune areas of thal region2015MScWREAnalysisThal region
41Hafiz Muhammad Umar FarooqM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Sajid Mahmood22.12.2015Efficiency of empirical equations in assessing the seepage losses from concrete lined irrigation channels2015MScWREOperation
42Naveed AhmedM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Sajid Mahmood27.11.2015Application of a decision support system for efficient irrigation planning and management in a selected irrigated area of Punjab2015MScWREPlanningPunjab, Pakistan
43Muhammad Zain bin RiazM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir28.12.2015One dimensional numerical simulation of flow behavior in irrigation canals2015MScWRESimulation
44Muhammad MasroorM.Sc(HP)Dr.Sajid Mahmood22.12.2015Hydrological analysis for the selection of most promising Hydel potential site at panjkora river2015MScHPAnalysisPanjkora river
45Muhammad UsmanM.Sc(WRE))Dr. Sajid Mahmood30.11.2015Assessment of wetting patterns as affected by irrigation amount and time during drip irrigation system2015MScWREAssesment
46Amir IqbalM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir25.11.2015Assessment of water productivity of maize crop of Khikhi watershed command area2015MScWREAssesmentKhikhi watershed
47Maria KanwalM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir16.10.2015Comparative study of different alluvial channel design approaches for selected canal in the Indus basin2015MScWREPlanningIndus Basin
48Hira HameedM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi16.10.2015Optimal design of silt excluder of Khanki head work2015MScWREDesignKhanki
49Jawad AhmadM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir20.08.2015Numercial simulation of sedimentation in the sand trap chamber using netnus approach2015MScWRESimulation
50Tanveer AbbasM.Sc(EH)Dr.Ghulam Nabi16.10.2015Impacts of landuse changes on runoff generation of simly dam watershed2015MScEHWater assesmentSimly dam, Pakistan
51Muhammad FaisalM.Sc(EH)Dr.Ghulam Nabi13.10.2015Assessment of flood inundation using hydraulic simulation model2015MScEHFlood
52Muhammad Waseem BootaM.Sc(EH)Dr.Ghulam Nabi14.09.2015Comparative study of probable maximum precipitation(PMP) techniques in pothwar region2015MScEHPlanningPotohar Area
53Fiaz HussainM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi14.09.2015Impact of rainfall and landuse pattern on water and sediment yield of soan basin2015MScWREOperationSoan river
54Ali Nawaz KhanM.Sc(HP)Dr.Sajid Mehmood18.08.2015Impact analysis of overflow spillway on U/S flows & hydraulic structure using cfd technique:A case study of marla HPP2015MScHPAnalysisMarala, Pakistan
55Muhammad SaeedPhd.(WRE)Dr.Sajid Mehmood27.03.2015Prospects and hydraulics of film-hole irrigation in irrigated environment2015PhdWREPlanning
56Zeeshan YasinM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi05.08.2015Hydrological and hydraulic canalysis of mithawan hill torrent for water resources development2015MScWREAnalysismithawan hill torrent
57Engr.Zohaib NisarM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi29.07.2015Hydraulic performnance assessment of orifice spillways usifng cfd modelling:A case study of Mangla Dam main spilway2015MScWREAssesmentMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
58Engr.Sajid MahmoodM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi05.08.2015Analysis of regifme behavior of lower gugera branch canal after rehabilitation/remoldeling of the system2015MScWREAnalysisGugera branch canal
59Muhammad Arfa HassanM.Sc(HP)Dr.Ghulam Nabi04.08.2015Physical scale model study for optimal design of hydropower production on Nokhar Branch2015MScHPPlanningNokhar branch
60Zafar IqbalM.Sc.(WREDr.Sajid Mahmood23.06.2015Flood study and fixation of road profile grade level (PGL) for a section of national highway N-95 from Bahrain to Kalam2015WREFloodsBahrain to Kalam
61Abdul WahabM.Sc(HP)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir25.10.2014Study of capacity enhancement of Renala Hydel power stations2014MScHPPlanningRenala hydropower project
62Muhammad Hassan RehmanM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir20.09.2014Flood forecasting by using different hydrological models for the Swat River2014MScEHFloodsSwat river
63Hafiza Quratulain FatimaM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Ghulam Nabi20.08.2014Development of decision support system for optimal cropping pattern of a selected distributary2014MScWRMPlanning
64Muhammad ArfanM.Sc(EH)Dr.Ghulam Nabi20.08.2014Assessment of spatial and temporal hydro variability of Indus basin 2014MScEHWater assesmentIndus Basin
65Muhammad AbbasM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi20.08.2014Analysis of canal regime under different hydraulic and geometric conditions; a case study of LBDC canal system2014WREAnalysisLBDC Canal system
66Khurram ShahzadM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood27.06.2014Simulation of solar radiation for poor quality water and its application in soil water plant system2014MScWRMSimulation
67Sultan Ahmad RizviPh.D(WRE)Prof.Dr.Abdul Sattar Shakir20.09.2014Performance characterization of an irrigation system using satellite remote sensing and gis techniques2014WREOperation
68Javed ZulfiqarM.Sc(HP)Dr.Sajid Mehmood20.08.2014Harnessing the hydropower potentional of lutkho river2014MScHPPlanninglutkho river
69Muhammad RizwanM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi10.02.2014Development of coaxial curves for flood damage analysis2014MScWREDesign
70Engr.Haseeb AhsanM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi20.08.2014Development of envelope curve for Jhelum river basin2014MScWREDesignJhelum River Basin
71Hafiz Abdul ShakoorM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mehmood18.06.2014Prospects of drip irrigation system for potato crop and its adoption under local environment2014MScWRMPlanning
72Masood AkbarM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti31.05.2014Prospects and challenges for raising of small dams2014WREPlanning
73Muhammad Mudassar MaqsoodM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi30.04.2014Development of soil erosion potential maps at national scale using rusle and gis framework2014MScWREOperation
74Hafiz Abdur RehmanM.Sc.(EH)Dr.Sajid Mehmood04.05.2014Model study for evaluating the impact of water evapo-retardents on evaporation loss under local environment2014EHWater losses
75Ahmad Usman SaeedM.Sc.(WRE)Dr.Sajid Mehmood 12.03.2014Approximation of flooding extent of Indus river at Jampur using hydraulic modeling2014WREFloodsJampur
76Muhammad AdnanM.Sc(EH)Dr.Ghulam Nabi03.01.2014Prediction of snowmelt runoff due to impact of climate changes: A case study of Gilgit catchment2014MScEHClimate changeGilgit
77Muhammad Imran AzamM.Sc(EH)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti02.12.2013Non-Stationary regional flood frequency analysis at un-gauged sites2013MScEHFloods
78Sami UllahM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Atta-ur-Rehman Tariq18.09.2013Assessment of variability in hydraulic parameters in drip irrigation laterals2013MScWREAnalysis
79Muhammad Waqas AnjumM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif29.07.2013Impact of hydro gel on infiltration and water saving in irrigated environment2013MScWRMOperation
80Muhammad AmjadM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Atta-ur-Rehman Tariq15.06.2013Sustainable groundwater potential of madina Distributary of Multan branch canal2013MScWRMOperationMultan, Pakistan
81Tayyba SeemabM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif12.04.2013Modeling the performance of surface drain under high rainfall condition2013MScWRMModelling
82Muhammad KashifM.Sc (WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata ur Rehman Tariq29.03.2013Subsurface drainage design for controlled drainage conditions2013WRMDesign
83Shoaib MushtaqM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Sajid Mehmood Azeemi29.03.2013Impact of bela formation on hydraulic operations of the barrage-A case study of trimmu barrage2013WREHydraulic structureTrimmu barrage
84Muhammad WaseemM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Tausif Bhatti18.03.2013Study of benching phenomenon at upstream slope of Mangla dam2013WREPlanningMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
85Asif MehmoodM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi21.03.2013Determination of water depth upstream of regulator using influence factor approach2013MScWREOperation
86Rana Muhammad IkramM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata ur Rehman Tariq11.02.2013Analysis of baglihar dam operations for peaking power production on marala headworks of river Chenab2013MScWREOperationBaglihar dam
87Shahzad AhmedM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi24.1.2013Assessment of digital elevation data on selection of a dam site2013MScWREPlanning
88Usman IqbalM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata ur Rehman Tariq22.12.2012Reservoir sedimentation patterns in small dams2012MScWREOperation
89Muhammad Ali ImranM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata ur Rehman Tariq07.01.2013Alternate design of paharang drainage system to admit free discharge of S-II-C surface drainage unit of fourth drainage project2013MScWRMDesignPaharang drainage system
90Muhammad Zia ul IslamM.Sc (EH)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif21.12.2012Flood mapping of nowshera urban catchment employing frequency analysis of 2010 flood2012EHFloodsNowshera, Pakistan
91Sulman Maqsood RandhawaM.Sc(EH)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti27.12.2012Development of design hyetograph for flood estimation in the SWAT region2012MScEHFloodsSwat region
92Waqas ul HassanM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif21.12.2012Evaluation of frequency factor K for determining PMP by statistical method2012MScEHFloods
93Muhammad SaifullahM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Prof.Ata ur Rehman Tariq17.12.2012Analyzing behavior of Punjab aquifer2012MScWRMOperationPunjab, Pakistan
94Sonia ZafarM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Masood13.09.2012Flow velocity measurements in small channels by thrust rod.2012MScWREOperation
95Syed Muhammad Imran MehdiM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif10.09.2012Assessment of water productivity of wheat in dharabi watershed under different irrigation practices.2012MScWRMPlanningDharabi watershed
96Muhammad BasharatPh.D(EH)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq30.10.2012Integration of canal and groundwater to improve cost and quality equity of irrigation water in a canal command.2012EHWater assessment
97Muhammad FarooqM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar12.09.2012Physical model study for energy dissipation phenomenon at vertical fall(RD 27 + 000) of LGBC2012MScWREModellingLGBC
98Iftikhar AhmadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti12.09.2012Performance evaluation of irrigation scheduling software: A case study in Punjab,Pakistan2012WRMPlanningPunjab, Pakistan
99Nadeeem AbbasM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti10.09.2012Cost/benefit analysis of low and high efficiency irrigation systems of irrigated area to be developed under proposed hingol dam project in Balochistan,Pakistan2012WRMPlanningBalochistan,Pakistan
100Tahir IqbalM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar07.09.2012Hydraulic analysis of Bunji dam spillway using CFD model.2012MScWREAnalysisBunji Dam
101Zia-ul-HaqM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif13.09.2012Sustainability of institutional reforms on irrigation service delivery and water productivity.2012MScWRMPlanning
102Ahmad RazaM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq13.09.2012Risk on Indus basin water transfer in violation of Indus basin treaty2012MScWREPlanningIndus Basin
103Moien AhsanM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi08.09.2012Rainfall run off relationship for darabi watershed in Chakwal2012MScWREOperationChakwal district
104Asad MahmoodM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq03.09.2012Hydraulic interactions between river Chenab and Multan aquifer2012MScWRMOperationMultan, Pakistan
105Yasir LatifM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif25.06.2012Climate change impact on hydrologic parameters and river flows of Indus basin2012MScEHFloodsIndus Basin
106Shahneela MukhtarM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi10.09.2012Hydraulic analysis of remodeled canal for efficient water distribution2012MScWREAnalysis
107Aamar AshrafM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi28.07.2012Physically based sediment and runoff modeling of rawal waterhsed2012MScWREModellingRawal watershed
108Ali ZubairM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq09.08.2012Ground water exploitation modes in deep and shallow water table areas2012MScEHwater assessment
109Babar SohailM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq09.08.2012Hydraulic and drainage evaluation of HASRI/Wandoo deg nala.2012MScWRMOperation
110Zaheer Muhammad MalikPh.D(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq28.07.2012Performance evaluation of selective control measures of foundation seepage for embankment dams over permeable strata2012WREHydraulic structure
111Muhammad ZamanM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq30.06.2012Evaluation of reported wide spread Sutlej river flooding in district Kasur in 20112012MScWREFloodKasur district, Pakistan
112Nasir HameedM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar27.4.2012Sediment transport modeling for upper reaches (RD 0+000 to RD 109+000) of lower bari doab canal and its impact on bed profile2012MScWREModellingLower Bari Doab Canal
113Muhammad AkramM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar17.02.2012Analysis of seepage problems and their remedial measures for lower gugera branch canal(LGBC) from RD13+000 to RD 16+7002012MScWREOperation
114Muhammad Saqib RiazM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq17.01.2012Evaluation of proportional canal water distribution at high and low discharges, and required modification in the design of outlets of UCH Distributary, Baluchistan2012MScWREPlanningUCH Distributary, Baluchistan
115Muhammad Majid PashaM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi22.12.2011Sensitivity analysis of different land use and topographic parameters for soil erosion2011MScWREOperation
116Muhammad UsmanM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood08.12.2011Magnetic water treatment(MWT) and its impact on water quality and seedling emergence in sand culture2011MScWRMPlanning
117Muhammad Wajid IjazM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.12.2011Breaching analysis of the spillway for Hunza river landslide dam2011MScWREPlanningHunza Valley
118Sarfraz HashimM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood10.01.2012Testing the performance of hose reel sprinkler irrigation system for various operating conditions2012MScWRMOperation
119Ali RazaM.Sc(EHY)Dr.Ghulam Nabi18.08.2011Spatial and temporal analysis of hydrological and topographical parameter for the design of water conservation structures: A case study of Pothwar Area2011MScEHYWater assessmentPotohar Area
120Muhammad ZubairM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq03.12.2011Hydraulic evaluation of section constriction at bridge structures of Hairdin Carrier Drain.2011MScWREOperationHairdin Carrier Drain.
121Muhammad WaseemM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Masood22.11.2011Hydraulic evaluation of culvert geometric design for Janderbain Nullah.2011MScWREDesignJanderbain Nullah
122Farhan KhalidM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti12.09.2011Performance evaluation and calibration of reference Evapotranspiration estimation methods under valiant agro-ecological zones of Pakistan.2011MScWRMOperationPakistan
123Muhammad YarM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Muhammad Tousif Bhatti09.09.2011Field evaluation of different quality irrigation water effects on soil salinity and crop yield in barren lands.2011MScWRMPlanning
124Mudassar Iqbal M.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq3.11.2011Storage potential in River Chenab at Khanki.2011MScWREOperationKhanki
125Salman YousafM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif03.11.2011Analysis of spatial variability of wetting patterns of emitters using wet up software.2011MScWRMPlanning
126Kashif BashirM.Sc (WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif01.11.2011Use of magnetized water and its effects in DRIP irrigation system.2011WRMPlanning
127Najam ul SaqibM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi12.09.2011Physical model study for sediment distribution in channel network2011MScWREPlanning
128Abuzar SaleemM.Phil(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif16.08.2011Reasons for non-adoption of pressurized irrigation system by the farmers in Pakistan2011WRMPlanningPakistan
129Faisal BaigM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ghulam Nabi16.08.2011Development of 2-dimensional hydraulic and sedimentation model in a channel for low flow regime2011MScWREHydraulic structure
130Husnain YasinM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr S.M.Saeed Shah18.08.2011Improvement and testing the relationship between the temperature and the Jhelum river flows employing the updated records(Special reference to the upper Indus Basin2011MScEHFloodsJhelum River Basin
131Ali RazaPh.D(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif31.10.2011Effectiveness of tertiary canal lining and its impacts on socio-economic conditions of Pakistan2011WRMPlanningPakistan
132Jamshaid Faisal JanjuaM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar17.08.2011Evaluation of effect of Hump on open channel: A case study of KORU Distributary of L.C.C (East) system.2011MScWREOperationKoru distributory
133Usman IqbalM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mehmood12.09.2011Testing the performance of micro sprinkle irrigation in tunnel farming system.2011MScWRMOperation
134Anjum RiazM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar08.09.2011Calibration and development of scour depth relationship by analyzing Neelum Jhelum physical model study results for different energy dissipation schemes.2011MScWREHydraulic structureNeelum Jhelum Hydroelectric project
135Muhammad Mubashar WasimM.Sc(WRE)Kaleem Sarwar26.08.2011Physical model study of scouring phenomenon at piers of west channel bridge over river Chenab near Chiniot2011MScWREHydraulic structureChiniot District,Pakistan
136Muhammad Kashif AliM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood14.09.2011Impact of compost admixture on infiltration and irrigation performance2011MScWRMPlanning
137Muhammad AzmatM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood 13.09.2011Variability in Wetting patterns and Estimating Uniformity in Field Under Drip Irrigation System.2011MScWRMOperation
138Engr.Rizwan AzizM.Sc (EH)Prof.Dr.S.M.Saeed Shah10.09.2011Comparison of runoff simulations using hec-geoHMS and top model2011EHPlanning
139Muhammad Ashraf KhokharM.Sc(WRE)Engr. Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar30.07.2011Construction Techniques Applied in Mangla Dam Raised Embankment 2011MScWREOperationMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
140Sardar Ateeq ur RehmanM.Sc(WRE)Propf. Dr. Ata ur Rehman Tariq21.07.2011Hydraulic Analysis of 2010 Flood Onslaught in Indus-Chenab Corridor in Muzaffar Garh District2011MScWREOperationMuzaffargarh district
141Muhammad Ajmal AhmadaniM.Sc (WRE)Engr. Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar13.07.2011Study For Hydraulic Jump Formation, Energy Dissipation and Residual Pressures at Taunsa Barrage in Post Rehabilitation Scenario2011WREOperationTaunsa barrage
142Muhammad Rashid SaleemM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.S.M.Saeed Shah25.05.2011Hydraulic performance of River Ravi near Lahore under extraordinary floods.2011MScWRMOperationRiver Ravi, Pakistan
143Muhammad UsmanM.Sc(WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq22.03.2011Upgrading discharge capacities of OGEE crest with an alternate labyrinth crest.2011MScWREPlanning
144Muhammad Asghar SheikhM.Sc(HPE)Eng.Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar29.12.2010Hydrological analysis and optimization of waterways for darmodar hydropower scheme.2010MScHPEOperationDarmodar hydropower scheme
145Amir,Shafiq-ur-RehmanM.Sc(HPE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar24.12.2010Optimization of Hydropower Potential at Renala Hydropower Project.2010MScHPEDesignRenala hydropower project
146Khalid Hussain QureshiM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar23.12.2010Analysis of hydraulic regime of Punjnad main line under non perennial flow condition.2010MScWREOperationPunjnad main line
147Waseem RazaM.Sc(HPE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar21.10.2010Power potential of jab ban hydropower plant under changed flow conditions.2010MScHPEOperationJab Ban hydropower plant
148Hafiz Muti Ul RehmanM.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mehmood20.10.2010Comparison of surface and sub surface drip irrigation techniques in irrigated environment.2010MScWRMPlanning
149Engr.Ali UsmanM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar19.08.2010Simulation of sediment flushing at intake structure of kohala hydropower project by using SSIIM Model.2010MScWREHydraulic structureKohala hydropower project
150Muhammad NaveedM.Sc(HPE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar18.08.2010Optimization of diversion work for the kohala hydropower dam.2010MScHPEOperationKohala hydropower project
151Qamar NawazM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif17.08.2010Hydrological analysis of a dam site having large variation in flows.2010MScWREOperation
152Tahira Muhammad AliM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif23.07.2010Adoptability of trickle irrigation system for small farmers in Punjab2010MScWREPlanningPunjab, Pakistan
153Muhammad AwaisM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.S.M.Saeed Shah16.08.2010Impact of urbanization on rawal lake inflows and water quality2010MScEHOperationRawal lake
154Qamar-u-ZamanM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif30.07.2010Measurement of discharge using air bubbles technique in an open channel.2010MScWREOperation
155Muhammad Naveed AnjumM.Sc(WRE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar08.09.2010Impact evaluation of silt excluder on sediment management of DG. Khan Canal.2010MScWREPlanningD.G Khan, Pakistan
156Muhammad AsifM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.08.2010Prevention of excessive sediment load in watercourse by use of sediment trap/exclusion devices.2010MScWREPlanning
157Umar Shahzad AjmalM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq18.08.2010Optimum conjunctive/cyclic use of fresh canal water and supplemental saline ground water for balanced root zone salinity.2010MScWRMPlanning
158Tallal Hassan KhanM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq18.08.2010Modeling of fertilizer’s nutrient distribution in soil profile along a field.2010MScWRMOperation
159Ijaz AhmadM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.08.2010Evaluation of design and layout for dewatering of foundation at taunsa barrage.2010MScWRMOperationTaunsa barrage
160Muhammad Shahid AminM.Sc(WRM)Muhammad Masood20.07.2010Analysis of reverse slope in watercourse design.2010MScWRMOperation
161Muhammad Nasir MahmoodM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq18.06.2010Modeling of groundwater drainage for stream aquifer interactions.2010MScWRMDesign
162Yasir HaroonM.Sc(EH)Prof.Dr.S.M.Saeed Shah27.07.2010Simulation of flows employing top model and comparison of different techniques for input data.2010MScEHOperation
163Saqib Manzoor Ahmad M.Sc(WRM)Dr.Sajid Mahmood02.06.2010Crop water allocation model (CWAM) for equitable distribution of water in selected command area.2010MScWRMPlanning
164Waqas MehmoodM.Sc(WRM)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif18.06.2010Investigation of causes of arsenic contamination in groundwater in selected areas in PUNJAB 2010MScWRMOperationPunjab, Pakistan
165Muhammad Uzair QamarM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif11.05.2010Sediment Simulation of Tarbela Reservoir by Using CCHE2D.2010MScWREOperationTarbela reservoir, Pakistan
166Ali Asghar IrajpoorPhD(WRE)Prof. Dr.Muhammad Latif06.02.2010Development of An Optimum Framework for Large Dams Impacts on Poverty Alleviation in Arid Regions Through Sustainable Development.2010PhDWREPlanning
167Sheraz AslamM.Sc(HPE)Engr. M.Kaleem Sarwar16.12.2009Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Penstock:(A Case Study of Kohala Hydropower Project.2009MScHPEOperationKohala hydropower project
168Aamir ShakoorM.Sc(WRM)Prof. Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq22.12.2009Infiltration Control and Improved Root Zone Water Distribution in Coarser Soil by Using Bentonite Amendment.2009MScWRMPlanning
169Javed Akhtar TariqPhD(WRE)Prof. Dr.Muhammad Latif13.2.2010Improving Operational Performance and Management of Canal Irrigation Systems using Hydraulic Modeling.2010PhDWREPlanning
170Tariq ShahzadM.Sc.(WRE)Prof. Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq12.12.2009Placement of Permeability Retarding Materials into Canal Parametric Surface for Seepage Control.2009WREPlanning
171Muhammad Abrar FaizM.Sc.(WRM)Muhammad Masood26.12.2009Estimation of Irrigation Efficiency by Using Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing.2009WRMOperation
172Muhammad Atif MianM.Sc(EHY)Engr.M. Kaleem22.12.2009Rainfall Runoff Relationship Using Calibrated Strangers Runoff Factor in Select asWatershed of NWFP.2009MScEHYOperationNWFP
173Muhammad AshrafM.Sc(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif03.11.2009Floodplain Delineation Using GIS Based River Analysis System.2009MScWREPlanning
174Majid Zaman KhanM.Sc.(WRE)Muhammad Yunus07.08.2009Impact of Septic Tanks on Groundwater Quality and Health of Local Community in Mandibahauddin2009WREPlanningMandibahauddin
175Engr.Shoaib AhmadM.Sc (HPE)Engr.M.Kaleem Sarwar12.09.2009Optimum Design & Operational Analysis of Desalting Chambers in Hydroelectric Scheme (A case study of Kohala Hydropower Project)2009HPEDesignKohala hydropower project
176Mudassar HassanM.Sc(WRE)Dr. Ata –ur-Rehman Tariq20.8.2009Estimation of Sediment Load Different Streams using Artificial Neural Network2009MScWREOperation
177Muhammad BaburM.Sc(HPE)Engr.Muhammad Yunus18.08.2009Approximation of flows and power potential for the dam site.2009MScHPEOperation
178Ghulam NabiPhd (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif26.09.2009Regional Scale Sediment Yield Modeling Using GIS and emote Sensing.2009PhdWREDesign
179Maqsood AhmedM.Sc.(WRE)Muhammad Masood12.08.2009Verification of Selected Roughness Coefficient in a Lined Distributary and Its Effect on Water Equality.2009WREOperation
180Muhammad YaseenMSc.(WRE)Prof.Dr.Muhammad Latif25.07.2009Effect of suspended sediment on flow resistance for different conditions in an open channel2009MScWREOperation
181Muhammad Aamir JamilMSc.(WRM)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq08.07.2009Quantification of interaction between river ravi and the Lahore aquifer2009MScWRMPlanningLahore,Pakistan
182Muhammad Umer AzeemMSc. (WRE)Prof.Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq18.06.2009Estimation of river water afflux using computer models2009MScWREOperation
183Mr. Waqar-ur-RehmanM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif16.07.2009Impact of Remodeling of Outlets on Income of Lower Riparian of 3-R Distributary2009WREOperation
184Muhammad Tousif BhattiPh.D (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif30.05.2009Strategic Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Water Quality of River Chenab and its Management2009WREOperationRiver Chenab, Pakistan
185Mr. Usman HafeezM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq24.03.2009Hydraulic performance of power tunnel for Kurram Tangi dam powerhouse No. 1 by physical modeling2009HPEDesignKurram Tangi dam
186Mr. Muhammad Dilshad ArshadM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif04.02.2009Numerical analysis of navigational damage of steep spillways and its remedial measures2009WREOperation
187Mr. Ali ArslanM.Sc (EH)Dr.S.M.S.Shah26.02.2009Simulation of flow from Kanshi River catchments at Jhangi2009EHFloodsKanshi river
188Mr. Mubasher HussainM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq21.02.2009Estimation of aquifer parameters using computer based parameter search technique2009WRMPlanning
189Muhammad Rizwan FaridM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq2009Design of u/s overflow Cofferdam of Patrind Hydropower project2009HPEDesignPatrind HPP, River Kunhar
190Mr. Muhammad Raza ul MustafaM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq04.02.2009Numerical modeling of sediment flow in sand trap for Golen Gol Hydropower project by using SSIM CFD model2009WREHydraulic structureGolen Gol hydropower project
191Mr. Abu Bakar ImranM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis03.09.2008Seepage analysis of power intake embankment and powerhouse drainage network for dam raised conditions2008HPEOperation
192Israr Hussain kazamM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif30.07.`2008Hydraulic performance of a trickle irrigation system with special reference to emitters and energy loss along laterals2008WRMOperation
193Mr. Arash HazratiM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar12.07.2008Designing of powerhouse for Suki Kinari Hydropower project2008HPEDesignSuki Kinari hydropower project
194Mr. Qaiser KarimM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis06.02.2008Assessment of defects, remedial measures and develop prospects of sick Jag lot Hydropower Project to meet the future demand.2008HPEOperationSick Jaglot hydropower project
195Muhammad KhanM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq06.02.2008Effects of lower Spath Gah dam height on efficiency of sediment sluicing2008WREOperationSpath Gah dam
196Mr. Abdul Wahab SiyalM.Phil (WRM)Ghulam Nabi08.01.2008Hydrologic modeling for effective management of hill torrents of Pakistan: A Case Study of Durban Hill-Torrent (D.I.Khan)2008WRMDesignDurban Hill-Torrent (D.I.Khan)
197Mr. Shafqat Ali MalikM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis06.02.2008A case study for development of lower spat gah hydropower scheme in cascade set up.2008HPEDesignLower spat gah hydropower scheme
198Zaheer Ahmad AwanM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif29.11.2007Performance and socio-economic impact assessment of lining of small irrigation channels2007WRMOperation
199Irfan MahmoodM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar07.02.2008Promotion of community based micro hydropower projects: A case study2008HPEPlanning
200Zia-ur-RehmanM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis30.01.2008Layout finalization for hydro electric project falls on Nara canal2008HPEPlanningNara Canal
201Mr. Azhar Iqbal ShadM.Sc (WRM)Muhammad Younis16.11.2007Performance and economic evaluation of Mohar Lift Irrigation Scheme, Khushab2007WRMPlanningMohar Lift Irrigation Scheme, Khushab
202Muhammad Abdul Qayyum SiddiquiM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis06.08.2007Optimization of waterway of altit hydropower shceme in Hunza Valley2007HPEDesignHunza Valley
203Habib Ullah BodlaM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis01.12.2007Diagnostic analysis of water distribution of a canal system:A case study of 3R Distributary of Hakra canal system, Punjab, Pakistan2007WREOperation3R Distributary of Hakra canal system
204Mr. Ghulam Arif KhanM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis06.08.2007Study for the development of Durban Zam Hydropower scheme in Distt. D. I. Khan2007HPEPlanningDurban Zam hydropower scheme, D.I Khan
205Mr. Zahoor Ahmad BhattiM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis06.09.2007Impact of Kalabagh reservoir on power potential of Ghazi Barotha power station2007WREOperationGhazi barotha power station
206Mr. Mazhar Mahmood M.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis06.08.2007Assessing the irrigation water availability and distribution system for darmalak dam2007WREOperationdarmalak dam
207Farooq Azim CheemaM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis01.09.2007Hydrological analysis and hydraulic design for weir and intake structure of 32 MW Basho Hydropower Project2007HPEDesignBasha Dam, Pakistan
208Muhammad Waqas HussainM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq28.7.2007Simulation of breach of a natural dam in earthquake affected areas of AJK2007WREDesignAJK, Pakistan
209Mr. Ghulam Hussain NoushahM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis10.8.2007Hydraulic simulation of irrigation canal for its optimal operation and management2007WREDesign
210Ms. Qudsia LatifM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq25.07.2007Effect of channel improvement on water levels for Kabul River under flood conditions2007WREOperationKabul river
211Mr. Saqib Ahmad ChatthaM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.04.2007Simulation of LCC east canal for different management scenarios2007WREOperation
212Mr. Iftikhar AhmadM.Phil (EHY)Dr.S.M.S.Shah03.02.2007Probabilistic flood risk analysis of Chenab Riverain Area (Langarsaral-Shershah Reach in District Muzaffargarh).2007EHYFloodsChenab river (Langarsaral-Shershah Reach in District Muzaffargarh).
213Mr. Muhammad AfzalM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq30.4.2007Estimation of rainfall recharge for Pothowar area in Chakwal District. A Case Study of Lower Chenab Canal System.2007WRMPlanningChakwal district
214Hafiz Abdul RehmanM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis30.5.2007Improvement of canal water supplies in Lower Bahawal Canal System (Cholistan Areas)2007WREPlanningCholistan desert, Pakistan
215Mr. Muhammad Umar FarooqM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis7.2.2007Seepage modeling for design and performance evaluation of North head pond embankment of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower project2007WREDesignGhazi Barotha Hydropower project
216Mr. Altaf AhmedM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq21.04.2007Reservoir sediment management at Pat rind HPP on River Kunhar2007HPEPlanningPatrind HPP, River Kunhar
217Ms. Yasmin NasimM.Sc (EHY)Dr.M.Latif29.01.2007Probable maximum precipitation and peak flood analysis for punch River at Kotli Gauging Station2007EHYFloodsPunch river, Kotli
218Mr. Fahd Bin ZafarM.Sc (HPE)Ghulam Nabi03.03.2007Assessing of hydropower potential using GIS and remote sensing: Case study: Astore Basin2007HPEOperationAstore Basin
219Mr. Zeeshan Mustafa MaanM.Sc (WRM)Dr.S.M.S.Shah08.02.2007Impact of the alternative lining of the watercourse on the cost and efficiency2007WRMPlanning
220Ch. Inam UllahM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis08.02.2007Design of medium hydropower project at the toe of Bunji Dam project on Indus River2007HPEDesignBunji Dam
221Syed Nabeel AhmadM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis08.02.2007Impact of watercourses lining towards groundwater balance.2007WREPlanning
222Muhammad AhsanM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi07.02.2007Soil erosion estimation of River Soan catchments using GIS and soil erosion models2007WREOperationSoan river
223Mr. Shahab KhanM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif06.02.2007Comparison of supply based and crop based irrigation systems in PHLC2007WREPlanningPHLC
224Mr. Shamshad Hussain BokhariM.Sc (HPE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah27.01.2007Critical analysis of the reported environmental impacts of proposed Basha reservoir to find out the missing parameters2007HPEPlanningBasha Dam, Pakistan
225Ms. Nazish NasirM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi06.01.2007GIS and hydrological modeling for water resources development of Hill torrent in Potohar area2007WREOperationPotohar Area
226Muhammad NawazM.Phil (WRE)Ghulam Nabi30.12.2006Development of a computer worksheet model for design of alluvial canal system and application for design of rained canal system.2006WREDesign
227Mr. M. Kaleem Irshad BhattiM.Sc (EHY)Dr.Sajd Mehmood16.02.2007Runoff estimation for various sized catchments using SCS and modified SCS methods and their comparison2007EHYPlanning
228Mr. Adnan MaqboolM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Sajid Mehmood08.02.2007Environmental consequences of wastewater irrigation and their impacts on local community2007WRMPlanning
229Mr. Mohammad Sohail SaleemM.Sc (HPE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah09.01.2007Estimation of long term inflow time series for Munda multipurpose dam project2007HPEPlanningMunda multipurpose dam
230Mr. Muhammad Shafiq AhmadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.S.M.S.Shah09.01.2007Reservoir optimization and operation of Slimly Dam through introducing auxiliary spillway2007WRMDesignSimly dam, Pakistan
231Mr. Athar Waqar AzeemM.Sc (EHY)Dr.S.M.S.Shah08.01.2007Dominating factor affecting rainfall lag for hill torrent watershed: A case study of the Vidor Hill Torrents2007EHYOperationVidor hill torrents
232Mr. Muhammad Zakria AhmadM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.12.2006Secondary soil salinity development and its impact on irrigated environment in a selected canal command area. 2006WRMOperation
233Mr. Amjad MasoodM.Sc (EHY)Dr.S.M.S.Shah12.08.2006Investigation of runoff regimes and the linkage between climatic variables and river flow in Swat River. 2006EHYOperationSwat river
234Wassay GulrezM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq30.10.2006Groundwater control in open excavations2006WRMOperation
235Zahoor AhmadM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq21.10.2006Optimization of spillway capacity and dam height2006WREOperation
236Saleem SarwarM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq10.08.2006Impact of municipal supply well field along Jhang Branch canal on performance of existing irrigation wells for the surrounding Area.2006WRMOperationJhang branch canal
237Muhammad Farooq KhanM.Sc (HPE)Ghulam Nabi02.10.2006Studies for optimal solution of micro hydel power plant on Dow Arian Nullah Muzaffarabad (A.K.)2006HPEOperationMuzaffarabad, Pakistan
238Syed M. Faisal ZaidiM.Sc EHYDr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq11.08.2006Hydrologic design of cross-drainage structures for road in mountainous areas (A case study of Ratti-Gali Bhattian Road)2006EHYDesignRatti Gali bhattian road
239M. Khurram ShahzadM.Sc EHYDr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq11.08.2006Prediction/Forecast of seasonal inflows for Kunhar and Neelum Rivers on the basis of hydro meteorological parameters by statistical approach2006EHYPlanningKunhar and neelum rivers
240Nidal Omar Abu LebdehM.Sc (EHY)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq10.08.2006Sustainable development of groundwater for Gaza Strip in Palestine2006EHYPlanningGaza strip, Palestine
241Engr. Waseem AhmadM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis23.02.2006Evaluation of Stability for Kotli Concrete Dam under Various Loading Conditions, Using Computer Software CADAM.2006WREOperationKotli
242Mubashar KhanM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif15.06.2006Impact of scarcity of water supply on hydropower output of Nandipur Hydropower Station2006HPEPlanningNandipur hydropower station
243Syed Qammar-e-MohammadM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif03.06.2006Hydraulic performance of overflow stepped spillway and stilling basin by physical modeling: A case study of Zarwam Weir2006WREHydraulic structureZarwam Weir
244Muhammad FarooqM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis24.05.2006Construction planning of headrace tunnel of Neelum Jehlum Hydroelectric Project Using Primavera Project Planner (P3)2006HPEPlanningNeelum Jhelum Hydroelectric project
245Mr. Zeeshan ShehzadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif27.12.2005Impact of canal water distribution on productivity and income of farmers2005WRMOperation
246Ms. Farhana JamilM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq03.04.2006Analysis of effectiveness of d/s sheet pile/cut-off wall for fall cum regulator of Lower Chenab Canal using computer model.2006WREPlanningChenab Canal
247Mr. Ibrahim Rahim MianM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis30.03.2006Diagnostic analysis of indigenous hydropower plant case study at Yakha China Stream, Kumrat Valley, Dir.2006HPEOperationKumrat valley Dir, Pakistan
248Mr. Faheem AhmadM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif02.03.2006Evaluation of water application of a sprinkler irrigation system with special reference to topography and water application rates.2006WREOperation
249Mr. Muhammad Majid Sarwar WattooM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq09.01.2006Hydrologic and hydraulic performance of Shewan Barrage.2006WREOperationShewan Barrage
250Mr. M. Altaf Hussain BhattiM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis02.01.2006Comparative study of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) standard form bidding documents for water resources development project with respect to the guidelines issued by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).2006WREPlanning
251Rai Waqas Azfar KhanM.Sc (WRE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah29.12.2005EIA of River Ravi due to low flow (with special reference to groundwater and socio-cultural impacts).2005WREOperationRiver Ravi, Pakistan
252Mr. Mahmood Ahmad JavaidM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq9.1.2006Comparison of sedimentation for Kurram Tangi Dam by using hydrologic (USBR) and Hydraulic (HEC-6) Models2006WREOperationKuram Tangi Dam
253Mr. Muhammad AzamM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis24.1.2006Modeling seepage of Mangla dam by using SEEP/W Computer Model2006WREDesignMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
254Mr. Hassan MahmoodM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel30.12.2005Analysis of causes of cost and time overrun in construction of selected water resources projects 2005WREPlanning
255Mr. Fakhar-i-JahanM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis27.01.2006Application of characterization of construction material for power tunnels2006WREOperation
256Mr. Rao Zulfiqar AliM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif1.10.2005Evaluation and management of flood hazards in Basantar Nallah by Demark computer model.2005WREPlanningBasantar Nallah
257Mr. Barkat AliM.Sc (HPE)Ghulam Nabi27.6.2005Evaluation of Hydropower potential of Shantung Nallah diversion flow in Northern Areas.2005HPEOperationShantung Nallah
258Mr. Abdul Zahir QureshiM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis3.10.2005Water quality monitoring of Hudiara Drain and its impacts on groundwater and human health2005WREPlanningHudiara drain
259Mr. Nouman RafiqueM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis9.7.2005Maximization hydropower potential of Satpara dam by diverting the surplus discharge of Shantung Nullah2005HPEPlanningSatpara Dam, Pakistan
260Mr. M. Atiq-ur-Rehman TariqM.Sc (Engg. Hyd)Dr.S.M.S.Shah10.8.2005Determination & implementation of flood risk zoning, employing physiographic & hydraulic parameters for flood prone areas of Chiniot Distt.2005EnggHydFloodsChiniot District,Pakistan
261Mr. Muzammil HashmatM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq6.7.2005Maximization of hydropower production at power house No. 3 for Kurram Tungi Dam project2005HPEOperationKurram Tungi dam
262Mr. Habib-ur-RehmanM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq6.7.2005Evaluation of sustainability of irrigated agriculture in Spaira Ragha Plain of North Waziristan Agency2005WRMPlanningNorth Waziristan agency, Pakistan
263Mr. Muhammad JavedM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq6.7.2005Comparison between density and non-density dependent models for simulating saline-upcoming in fresh saline aquifer2005WRMPlanning
264Mr. IrfanullahM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi4.6.2005Analysis of different theories for optimal alluvial channel design in Indus Basin2005WREPlanningIndus Basin
265Mr. Muazzam Mir MuhammadM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi1.6.2005Application on numerical models to optimize weir dimensions at different flood levels.2005WREOperation
266Mr. ZakaullahM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Mazhar Saeed28.4.2005Identification of homogeneous regions for flood frequency analysis of Jhelum River2005WREPlanningJhelum River Basin
267Mr. Rai Muhammad AminM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif19.1.2005Evaluation of sediment transport capacity of Marala Ravi Link Canal2005WREOperationMarala, Pakistan
268Mr. Sarwar MurtazaM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq28.5.2005Study of concrete arch dam for Zarwam reservoir on Kurram River2005WREOperationKurram river
269Mr. Shahzad GhafoorM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.4.2005Selection of optimal hydropower project layout in Kaghan valley2005HPEPlanningKaghan valley, Pakistan
270Mr. Muhammad Naeem AkhtarM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif22.12.2004Application of Indus Basin Model to Gogra Branch Canal Command2004WRMOperation
271Mr. Sajjad KashifM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Mazhar Saeed24.3.2005Modeling snowmelt runoff for small catchments with limited data.2005WREDesign
272Mr. Muhammad JamilM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif5.3.2005Evaluation of various management plans to mitigate water quality effects in Indus River flood plain, downstream of Ghazi2005WREPlanningGhazi Barotha project, Pakistan
273Mr. Muhammad GhafoorM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif11.12.2004Optimal sizing of Dasu hydropower plant by using HPC software2004HPEDesignDasu, Pakistan
274Syed Shafqat HussainM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq21.4.2005Study of Khuram Tang Hydropower system operation as continuous versus peaking facility2005HPEPlanningKhuram Tang
275Mr. Muhammad Adnan GhafoorM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.3.2005Impact of Sikardu Reservoir on Downstream Hydropower project2005HPEPlanningSkardu, Pakistan
276Mr. Ijaz Ahmad BhattiM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Mazhar Saeed26.3.2005Hydrologic optimal design of storage pond for water harvesting in arid zone2005WREDesign
277Mr. M. Tousif BhattiM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif7.2.2005Canal water distribution and its impact on farmer’s income2005WRMPlanning
278Mr. Abdul Khaliq HashmiM.Sc (WRM)Dr.S.M.S.Shah25.1.2005Rainfall-runoff modeling for Kaha Hill Torrent Watershed D.G. District2005WRMOperationD.G Khan, Pakistan
279Mr. Shahid MahmoodM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif13.12.2004Optimization of installed capacity of hydropower project near Be sham Qila on Indus River2004HPEOperationBe sham Qila, Pakistan
280Mr. Rehan-ur-RehmanM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif28.1.2005Impacts of surface drainage on poverty alleviation in irrigated areas2005WREPlanning
281Mr. Mazhar AliM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi15.3.2005Sensitivity analysis of sediment transport functions for reservoir sediment simulation2005WREOperation
282Mr. Abdur RashidM.Sc (HPE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah21.1.2005Impact of high/low flows on sediment yield and hydropower Potential(A Case Study with Reference to Bunji Hydropower Project)2005HPEOperationBunji Dam
283Malik Ikram UllahM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis29.12.2004Bank stability analysis of greater Thal Canal using Slope/W.2004WREHydraulic structureThal Canal
284Mr. Nazar Ahmd BhuttaM.Sc (HPE)Muhammad Younis5.11.2004Study of hydropower potential at Lehri dam2004HPEOperationLehri dam
285Mr. Rashid MahmudM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel13.8.2004Technical aspects of proposed Mangla-Marala link canal2004WREOperationMangla-Marala link Canal
286Mr. Ahmad SherM.Phil (WRE)Ghulam Nabi30.7.2004Application of HEC-RAS computer model for training river Chenab at Marala2004WREOperationMarala, Pakistan
287Mr. Saqib AshrafM.Sc (HPE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah23.12.2004Estimation of water availability and optimization of power potential of Akhori dam with multiple existing uses on Indus River2004HPEOperationAkhori dam
288Mr. M. Murtaza Ali SiddiquiM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel4.12.2004Development of quality management system for construction of a water resources project2004WREDesign
289Mr. Ubaid UllahM.Sc (WRM)Ghulam Nabi30.7.2004Modeling for sediment management alternatives in irrigation canal2004WRMPlanning
290Mr. Rao Abdul GhaffarM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel30.7.2004Flood risk analysis of selected high head hydropower projects in Pakistan.2004HPEPlanningPakistan
291Mr. Abid LatifM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel30.7.2004Application of P3 primavera model for construction planning of Satpara Dam Hydropower project2004HPEPlanningSatpara Dam, Pakistan
292Mr. Sajid MahmooodPh.D (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif14.10.2004Development and calibration of surge irrigation performance evaluation model.2004WRMOperation
293Mr. Behrouze DamankhoshkM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel30.7.2004Causes and impacts of failure of Shahid Abbaspour )Karun-I) hydropower dam in Iran2004HPEPlanningIran
294Mr. Gulled Mohammad AhmadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq30.10.2004Development of a small scale irrigated agriculture on sustainable basis for Jowhar District in Shabelle River Basin Somalia.2004WRMDesignSomalia
295Mr. M. Moneeb KhanM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur Rehman Tariq6.11.2004Evaluation of adequacy and performance of drainage inlets of surface drains.2004WRMOperation
296Mr. Abdul LatifM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel26.7.2004Hydropower analysis of a multipurpose reservoir located in cold region.2004HPEPlanning
297Muhammad IrshadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq29.6.2004Design of subsurface pipe drainage considering environmental and economic sustainability with irrigation operations2004WRMDesign
298Umair MannanM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel3.7.2004Development of future reservoir operation strategy for raised Mangla Dam2004WREPlanningMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
299Bilal SajjadM.Phil (WRE)Ghulam Nabi29.1.2004Physical model study for calibration of irrigation outlets.2004WREPlanning
300Gul Draz KhanPh.D (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif31.5.2004Development of operational and management strategies for gravity flow subsurface controlled drainage systems.2004WRMPlanning
301M. Haroon-ur-RashidM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq2.6.2004Modeling effluent water quality of pipe drains2004WRMDesign
302M. Kaleem SarwarM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif24.4.2004Application of HPC model for the optimum layout of Bunji Dam Hydropower Project2004HPEOperationBunji Dam
303Muhammad Asif ChaudharyM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel8.5.2004Study of scour phenomena upstream and downstream of V.R. Bridges of B.S. Link-I canal2004WREHydraulic structureB.S. Link-I canal
304Ahmad Zeeshan BhattiM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq25.5.2004Impacts of irrigation intensification on the groundwater regime in Bannu plain2004WRMOperationBannu Plain, Pakistan
305JahanzebM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq17.5.2004Evaluation of flooding hazards of Soan River in Rawalpindi area2004WREEvaluationRawalpindi, Pakistan
306Muhammad TariqM.Sc (HPE)Ghulam Nabi23.1.2004Sediment simulation for intake structure of hydropower project(A Case Study:Doyian Hydropower Project)2004HPESimulationDoyian hydropower project
307Rizwan Ahmad MumtazM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Mazhar Saeed21.4.2004Effect of vegetation on flow resistance in small channels.2004WREOperation
308Maqsood Ahmad Ch.M.Phil (WRM)Dr.Mazhar Saeed12.2.2004Determination of minimum irrigation application depth under laser leveled fled.2004WRMPlanning
309Muhammad Ehsan Rahman KhanM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel17.4.2004Optimization of operating rules of Tarbela reservoir using HEC-5 and DRW software2004WREOptimizationTarbela reservoir, Pakistan
310Tariq Mahmood BajwaM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel29.7.2003Study of turbine selection criteria for high head hydropower projects.2003HPEPlanning
311Zaheer Muhammad MalikM.Sc (HPE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah17.1.2004Influence of seepage on dam stability and hydropower production for Satpara Dam Hydropower Project. 2004HPEOperationSatpara Dam, Pakistan
312Syed M. Mehar AliM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi30.7.2003Sediment simulation of Chashma Right Bank canal for its efficient operation and management2003WREOperationChashma right bank canal
313Riaz HussainM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi29.7.2003Flood zone mapping using GIS and hydraulic model2003WREMapping
314Fazal Rehman KashifM.Sc (HPE)Ghulam Nabi31.7.2003Numerical simulation for optimal design of surge tank in high head hydropower plant2003HPEDesign, Simulation
315M. Zia-ur-Rehman HashmiM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi19.7.2003Analysis of hydraulic jump and effectiveness of energy dissipation devices at Jinnah barrage.2003WREOperationJinnah Barrage
316Muhammad Nadeem KhanM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis25.7.2003Evaluation of distribution canals in Khanki command area by various design theories2003WREOperationKhanki Command area
317Abdul Mannan MurtazaM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq29.7.2003Modeling hydraulic performance of drain under different flow conditions2003WREModelling
318Ejaz Hussain NaghmiM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif2003Prospectus of ever increasing tube well irrigation on drought mitigation2003WRMPlanning
319Khuram SaleemM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif28.7.2003Harnessing the hydro potential of Qarrun-Dukay Stream valley by installing micro power plant2003HPEPlanning
320Jarrar HassanM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel23.6.2003Estimation of Floods of Ungauged Catchments in the Jhelum River Basin2003WREPlanningJhelum River Basin
321Muhammad SajidM.Sc (WRE)Ghulam Nabi3.1.2003Analysis of Silt Drawing Capacity of Different Types of Outlets in an Irrigation System2003WREPlanning
322Liaqat Ali IqbalM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.1.2003Analysis of an Option for Power Plant Layout of Basha Dam2003HPEPlanningBasha Dam, Pakistan
323Abid Masood AamerM.Phil (WRE)Muhammad Younis14.4.2003Evaluation of Stability for Impervious Floor by Analyzing Uplift Pressure: A Case Study of Khanki River2003WREOperationKhanki River
324Hafiz Ahmad BakshM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis19.4.2003Flood Inundation due to Assumed Breaching of Proposed Raised Mangla Dam.2003WREOperationMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
325Tabassum Khurshid AhmadM.Sc (HPE)H.F Gabriel17.1.2003A Critical Review of Existing Guidelines for Environmental Impacts Assessment and Mitigation Measures for Future Hydropower Projects in Pakistan2003HPEPlanningPakistan
326Muhammad AbidM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel23.8.2002Study of Hydropower Potential at Khanpur Dam.2002WREPlanningKhanpur dam, Pakistan
327Shafqat Hussain BhattiM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif4.12.2002A pre-feasibility study of Mini Hydel Power Station at Chain Wali on Main Line Lower of Upper Chenab Canal. 2002HPEPlanningUpper Chenab Canal
328Munawar IqbalM.Sc (HPE)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.7.2002Socio-Economic Evaluation of Low Head Hydropower Project at Lower Bari Doab Canal.2002HPEOperationLower Bari Doab Canal
329Zakir Hussain DahriM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq17.8.2002Suitability of Shallow Skimming Wells for Sustainable Groundwater Management in the Lower Indus Basin of Pakistan.2002WRMOperationLower Indus Basin, Pakistam
330Muhammad AsifM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel23.7.2002Application of HEC-RAS and Derivation of Hydraulic Parameters for the Design of Mithankot Hydropower Project on River Indus.2002HPEDesignMithankot hydropower project, River Indus
331Muhammad Abrar MalikM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel22.7.2002Study of Hydropower Potential at Upper Reach of Lower Chenab Canal.2002HPEOperationLower Chenab Canal
332Aleem Ullah KhanM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel19.8.2002Risk Assessment and Management Study of Mangla Dam Raising Project.2002WREPlanningMangla Reservoir, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
333Salim JavedM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel5.8.2002Application of Hydraulic Design Theories in the Light of Geotechnical Investigations of Chashma Right Bank Canal Stage-III.2002WREDesign/PlanningChashma right bank canal
334Ateeq-ur-RaufM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel18.7.2002An Appraisal of Regime Geometry Equations for Alluvial Channels.2002WREPlanning
335Anwar-ul-Haq ShahzadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq29.5.2002Performance Evaluation of On-Farm Drains.2002WRMOperation
336Ali Bahzad M.Sc (WRM)Dr.Mazhar Saeed22.7.2002Application of QUAL2E Model to the Contaminant Transport in River Ravi. 2002WRMOperationRiver Ravi, Pakistan
337Syed Zil-e-HassnainM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif8.7.2002Sustainability of Farmers' Organizations Formed Under Punjab Private Sector Groundwater Development Project. 2002WRMPlanningPunjab, Pakistan
338Hakim AliM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel20.7.2002Study of River Training Works Required for Sui Gas Pipeline Crossing Over Sutlej River.2002WREHydraulic structureSutlej River
339Rizwan NazirM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel4.7.2002Construction Planning of Greater Thal Canal Project by Using PRIMAVERA Project Planner P3.2002WREPlanningThal Canal
340Mukhtar AhmadM.Phil(WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif1.8.2002Application of MODFLOW Numerical Model infirm Mahal Area of Rechna Doab.2002WRMOperationRechna Doab
341Irfan AliM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.7.2002Design Criteria and Drainage Efficiency of On-Farm Drains.2002WRMDesign/Planning
342Ali AsgharIrajpoorM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel22.6.2002Planning and Design of Hydroelectric Power Project: A Case Study of Low Head Hydropower Plantar RD 283+000 of Upper Chenab Canal.2002HPEDesign/PlanningUpper Chenab Canal
343Muhammad Saleem PomeeM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif22.5.2002Performance Evaluation of a Farmer Managed Irrigation System.2002WRMPlanning
344Abdul MalikM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif18.2.2002Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and Its Impact on Crop Production in Selected Areas of Kohat Division. 2002WRMPlanningKohat, Pakistan
345Muhammad Farooq AhmadM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel19.2.2002Evaluation of Management Strategy Adopted for Construction of JAGRAN-I Hydropower Project AJK (Pakistan). 2002HPEOperationAJK, Pakistan
346Sami Ullah ChathaM.Sc (HPE)H.F.Gabriel21.2.2002Study for the Development of Low Head Hydropower Station at Marala. 2002HPEPlanningMarala, Pakistan
347Mustafa NoeedAhmad KamranM.Phil(WRE)Muhammad Younis24.10.2001Performance Appraisal of Water Resources Development Projects of Punjab Province.2001WREOperationPunjab, Pakistan
348Muhammad ShoaibM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq29.12.2001Modelling Overland Flow and Runoff from Flat Gravity Irrigated Fields Having Dikes.2001WRMOperation
349Nisar AhmadM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif11.12.2001Evaluation of Effectiveness of Sulphurous Acid Generator in Treating the Sodic Water under Different Scenarios for Wheat Crop.2001WRMOperation
350Seyed Sibt-ul-Hassan NaqviM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif24.10.2001Impact of Farmer Managed Controlled Drainage on Wheat Crop in Mardan SCARP.2001WRMOperationMardan, KPK, Pakistan
351Shakil AhmadM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel7.8.2001Evaluation of Effectiveness of Seepage Control Measures at Tarbela Dam. 2001WREOperationTarbela reservoir, Pakistan
352Faiz-ul-HasanM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel28.7.2001Performance of Main Embankment Dam and its Foundation by Evaluation and Adoption of Seepage Control Measures at Khanpur Dam. 2001WREOperationKhanpur dam, Pakistan
353Mazhar IqbalM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis30.3.2001A Study of Water Allocation of LBDC Area Water Board. 2001WREPlanningLBDC, Pakistan
354Imran Sadiq AfridiM.Sc. (WRE)Muhammad Younis10.3.2001Optimal Operation of Reservoir (A case Study of Khanpur Dam). 2001WREOperationKhanpur dam, Pakistan
355Syed Mohsen DehghaniM.Sc. (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif7.11.2000A study of sediment Problems in Irrigating Network of Vermin Plain in Iran.2000WREPlanningIran
356Mr. Usman ShamimM.Sc. (WRE)Dr.M.I.Lone8.6.2000Development of Hydro -Dynamic Model for Flood Routing of Ravi River (Balloki: to Sidhnai Reach). 2000WREHydraulic structureRiver Ravi, Pakistan
357Muhammad TariqM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq16.8.2000Hydrologic Assessment of Small Dams in Potohar Area: A Case Study for Jammer gal Dam.2000WRMOperationJammergal dam
358Shahzad AhmadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq10.8.2000Evaluation of Ground Water Fluctuations During Monsoon.2000WRMOperation
359Mr. Mohammad Kazem SohaniM.Sc (WRE)Dr.S.M.Shah4.7.2000Risk Perception Towards Flooding and Environment in Low Income Urban Communities: A case Study in Lahore, Pakistan.2000WREPlanningLahore,Pakistan
360Mr. Arshad MahmoodM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel23.6.2000Investigation of Sedimentation Problems in Tarbela Reservoir..2000WREOperationTarbela reservoir, Pakistan
361Syed Zia Hussain ShahM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq6.3.2000Effect of Collector Perforations on Drainage Design and Performance of Sub-Surface Drainage System.2000WRMOperation
362Mr. Muhammad Azhar InamM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif11.3.2000Nitrate Movement and Shallow Groundwater Contamination in Lysimeters. 2000WRMOperation
363Mr. Ilyas MasihM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif15.3.2000Impact of SCARP Transition and Sustainability of Community Tubewell in Selected Areas of SCARP-I.2000WRMOperation
364Mr. Ghulam AliM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif14.3..2000Study of Up coning of Fresh and Saline Groundwater Interface Under Scavenger Wells.2000WRMPlanning
365Hafiz Muhammad Nafees AhmadM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif28.2.2000A Diagnosis of Farmer-Managed Irrigation System's Performance.2000WRMOperation
366Mr. Cyrus Raza MirzaM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif22.1.2000Application of GIS Technique for Groundwater Analysis: A Case Study of FESS Area.2000WREOperationFESS Area
367Mr. Muhammad MusaM.Sc (WRE)Muhammad Younis26.2.2000An Appraisal of Method of Moments as Applicable to Water Resource Processes.2000WREPlanning
368Mr. Saad YousafM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif30.12.1999Rainfall Runoff Modelling of Simly Dam Catchment using HEC-I.1999WRMOperationSimly dam, Pakistan
369Mr. Abdul HamidM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel6.12.1999Estimation of Flood Damages Caused by River Jhelum in Muzaffarabad - Kohala Reach Using HEC-2.1999WREOperationMuzaffarabad-Kohala, Pakistan
370Mr. Kamran AhmadM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel26.10.1999Evaluation and Management of Severe Flood at Punjnad Barrage.1999WREPlanningPunjnad Barrage,Pakistan
371Mr. Tajammal HussainM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif3.9.1999Development of Groundwater Management Strategies Based on Islamic Principles.1999WRMPlanning
372Mr. Mansoor AliM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel16.8.1999Quality Assurance and Contract Management Study of Ghazi Barrage --- Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project. 1999WREOperationGhazi Barotha project, Pakistan
373Mr. Muhammad Husnain KhanM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq11.8.1999Effect of Lowering of Drain Bed Level on Water Table Control: A Case Study of Pagan Drain.1999WRMOperationPagan Drain, Pakistan
374Mr. Muhammad Rashid SheikhM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel14.7.1999Evaluation of Management Strategy Adopted for LBOD Stage - 1 Project and It's Improvement1999WREPlanning
375Mr. Sajid AltafM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif13.7.1999Study of Nitrate Leaching Under Shallow Water Table Conditions in a Tile Drainage Project1999WREPlanning
376Mr. Asrar-ul-Haque QuraishiM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif4.8.1999Lessons Learnt from Left Bank Outfall Drain Stage-I Project1999WRMPlanning
377Mr. Muhammad Kaleem UllahM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif24.7.1999Tubewell Development Criteria Saline groundwater Using a Numerical Model.1999WREHydraulic structure
378Mr. Liaqat RabbaniM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif12.7.1999Flood Management of Deg Nallah by Part Diversion Into Basantar Nallah.1999WRMOperationPakistan
379Mr. Muhammad SaeedM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif12.2.1999Determination of Optimum Spacing of Horizontal Drains by Field Experiments in Fordwah Eastern Saddiqia (South) project.1999WRMOperationPakistan
380Mr. Ahsan AminM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif1.5.1999Calibration of an Automatic Drop Gate for Surge Irrigation.1999WREHydraulic structure
381Mr. Allah Bakhsh SufiPh.D (WRM)Dr.M.I.Lone 2.2.1999Development of Fresh Water Skimming Well Technology for Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage.1999WRMPlanning
382Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad UmarM.Sc (Hyd)H.F.Gabriel26.9.1998Study of Creep Theory by Using Two Dimensional Finite Difference Computer Model and Its Verification By Electrical Analogue Model1998HydFloods
383Mr. Zakir AteeqM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel22.8.1999Evaluation and Improvements in Construction on Planning and Management of Power Channel of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project.1999WREOperationGhazi Barotha project, Pakistan
384Syed Jamiat Ali ShahM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel21.8.1998Investigation of Mal-Operation of Indian Reservoirs on River Chenab.1998WREOperationRiver Chenab, Pakistan
385Mr. Zaheer Hussain ButtM.Phil (WRE)H.F.Gabriel16.6.1998Evaluation of Management Strategy Adopted for Construction of Akra Kaur Dam Project.1998WREEvaluationBalochistan, Pakistan
386Mr. Abdul Hakim KhanM.Phil (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif11.9.1998Irrigation System Performance Assessment by Decision Support System and the Role of a Modern Information Transmission System in its Operation.1998WREOperation
387Mr. Muhammad RafiqM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif23.2.1998Field Testing and Evaluation of Envelope Materials for Pipe Drains1998WRMEvaluation
388Mr. Waheed-uz-ZamanM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif4.6.1998Application of Operation and Maintenance Activities to Support in Participatory Irrigation Management at Distributary Level1998WRMOperation
389Qazi Tallat Mahmood SiddiquiM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel13.6.1998Analysis of Morphological Scale Model of River Ravi U/S Ravi Siphon for Protection of B.R.B.D. Canal1998WREHydraulic structureRiver Ravi, Pakistan
390Mr. Waheed AshrafM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel4.7.1998Development of Physical Model of River Indus for the Protection of Minchin Bund, Panjnad Canal System and Chachran Town1998WREOperationPakistan
391Mr. Rashid MinhasM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif4.4.1998Impact of Lining of Shahkot Distributary on Water Supply Conditions1998WRMOperationPakistan
392Mr. Muhammad YunusM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif20.1.1998A Re-appraisal of Losses from Canals in Pakistan1998WRMOperationPakistan
393Mr. Nasir JavedM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif18.4.1998Laboratory Investigations of Various Geomembrance Materials for Canal Lining1998WRMOperation
394Syed Iyyaz Hussain BukhariM.Sc (WRM)Dr.M.I.Lone4.4.1998The Role of Tile Drainage in Soil and Water Quality Improvement in the Fourth Drainage Project1998WRMOperation
395Mr. Tayyab HussainM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq22.1.1998Hydrological Analysis of Flat Canal Irrigated Agricultural Areas - Case Study of Qaiser Drain1998WRMOperationPakistan
396Mr. Muhammad Mohsin HafeezM. Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif4.2.1998Use of Modified Pitot Tube for Measuring Flow of Full and Partially Flowing Pipes of Different Diameters1998MScWRMOperation
397Mr. Muhammad Tahir IqbalM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif12.12.1997Monitoring and Evaluation of Surface Irrigation Practices at a Progressive Farm1997WRMOperation
398Mr. Muzammal HussainM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq4.12.1997Analysis of Runoff Process in Irrigated Rice Areas1997WRMOperation
399Mr. Talat Farid AhmedM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.S.M.S.Shah11.7.1997Comparison of Rainfall Excess Computation Techniques1997HydFloods
400Mr. Muhammad Mujeeb AkhtarM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Anwer Baig27.9.1997Mobility of Pollutants to Groundwater at Various Disposal Sites in Lahore1997WRMOperationLahore,Pakistan
401Mr. Muhammad Rizwan AslamM.Sc (WRM)Dr.M.I.Lone11.10.1997Soil and Water Pollution Within Immediate Vicinity of Industrial Units in Suburbs of Lahore1997WRMOperationLahore,Pakistan
402Mr. Muhammad Saleh AbulohomM.Sc (WRE)Dr.S.M.S.Shah13.9.1997Calibration of a Mathematical Model for Generating Monthly River Flows from Meteorological Data for a Selected Catchment1997WREOperation
403Mr. Naveed-ur-RehmanM.Sc (WRE)H.F.Gabriel8.1.1997Application of Linear Programming Techniques for Construction Planning and Management of Water Resources Projects - A Case Study1997WREPlanning
404Mr. Muhammad Tufail KhanM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.S.M.S.Shah26.5.1997Influence of Snow-Melt-Runoff on Stream Flows1997HydFloods
405Mr. Waqar AhmadM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq24.3.1997Effect of Drainage Density on the Peak Discharge of Catchment by Using HEC Models1997WRMOperation
406Mr. Abid TabassumM.Sc (WRM)H.F.Gabriel2.1.1997Construction Management and Risk Analysis of Lahore Urban Drainage1997WRMPlanningLahore,Pakistan
407Ms. Asmaa Abdul Muniem Abdul HamidM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Anwer Baig8.1.1997Computation of Irrigation Efficiencies from Soil Salinity Data1997WRMOperation
408Mr. Muhammad MasoodM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq19.12.1996Analysis of Flow Measurement by Deflection of an Immersed Rod1996WREOperation
409Syed Tanveer AbbasM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.S.M.S.Shah15.10..1996Simple Procedure for Developing Flow Duration Curves at Ungauged Sites Using Regionalization Approach1996HydFloods
410Mr. Ghulam NabiM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Muhammad Latif16.9.1996Development and validation of hydrodynamic flood routing model for River Chenab Marala to Qadirabad 1996WREOperationPakistan
411Mr. M. RafiqueM.Sc (WRM)H.F.Gabriel10.8.1996Evaluation and improvements in SCARP-I transition program me 1996WRMOperation
412Mr. Abdurrahman Abdullah AhmadM.Sc (WRE)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman11.7.1996Performance of numerical models for sediment routing in alluvial channels1996WREOperation
413Mr. M. Riaz AhmedM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif2.6.1996Exploratory field study of farmers irrigation practices in selected fields1996WRMPlanning
414Mr. Zulqurnain AbbasM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Anwer Baig31.7.1996Numerical modeling of unsteady flow in loose boundary channels1996WRMOperation
415Mr. Ashok KumarM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Latif19.6.1996Estimation of flood losses by Chenab River between Khanki Headwork’s and Qadirabad Barrage1996WRMOperationPakistan
416Mr. M. Shahid NadeemM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Nadeem30.9.1996Uplift pressure on diversion structures using a numerical model 1996WRMOperation
417Mr. Zahid HussainM.Sc (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Anwer Baig8.6.1996Pollution measurement of Lahore canal water environment and its effect on soil hydraulic properties1996WRMOperationLahore,Pakistan
418Mr. M. Sajid Latif M.Phil (Hyd)Dr. S.M.S. Shah22.12.1995The study of probable maximum precipitation techniques for Lahore1995HydWater assesmentLahore,Pakistan
419Mr. Ghias Haj LatoofM.Sc (WRM)H.F. Gabriel13.7.1995Application of computer software for construction planning and management of water resources projects1995WRMOperation
420Mr. Ali AkbarM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq4.10.1995Simulation of soil water flow in the unsaturated zone using SWATRE Model for optimal water table regime1995HydWater assesment
421Mr. Ghulam SarwarM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.Muhammad Nadeem29.7.1995A model of exploitation of fresh groundwater lens in Cholistan Desert1995HydWater QualityCholistan desert, Pakistan
422Mr. Bashir AhmadM.Sc (Hyd)Dr. S.M.S. Shah22.4.1995Calibration of Stanford Watershed Model for local catchment conditions1995HydWater Assesment
423Mr. Ashfaq AhmadM.Phil (Hyd)Dr. S.M.S. Shah8.1.1995Development of a simple procedure to synthesize direct runoff hydrographs for selected catchments in Pakistan1995HydFloodsPakistan
424Mr. Rauf RamoozM.Sc (Hyd)Dr.Muhammad Nadeem26.12.1994Reliability of Surface runoff estimates using soil conservation service method1994HydFloods
425Syed Diwan Abdul BasitM.Sc (WRM)H. F. Gabriel15.1.1995Application of Super project Software to construction planning of Ghazi Barrage1995WRMOperationGhazi Barrage, Pakistan
426Mr. Khalid KhanM.Sc (Hyd)Dr.Muhammad Akram18.1.1995Application of electrical resistivity method for the assessment of groundwater quality1995HydWater quality
427Mr. M Jawad NaseemM.Phil (WRM)Dr.Muhammad Nadeem22.12.1994Numerical modeling of entrance losses in interceptor drains1994WRMOperation
428Mr. Khurshid AlamM.Phil (Hyd)Dr.Muhammad Akram8.12.1994Groundwater flow modeling of the Lahore City and surroundings1994HydModellingLahore,Pakistan
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