It is realized that training at Bachelor’s level is not enough to solve intricate and complex engineering problems being faced in the development and management of water resources. To solve water resources problems, a team of hydrologists, irrigation and drainage engineers, water resources managers, water resources engineers, geologists, economists,

social scientists, agronomist, soil scientists and environmentalists is required. The basic training that an engineer receives during his initial degree is limited and cannot cope with the highly specialized and rapid technological advancement in the development and management of water resources. He cannot solve complex water resources problems with the knowledge of the elementary principles learnt in the basic degree programs. Realizing the above facts, the Government of Pakistan established the Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering (CEWRE) in 1976 as a semi-autonomous institution of higher learning under the control of Higher Education Commission and the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan. The Centre is academically affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, which awards degrees to Centre’s graduates.The Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering started two M.Phill degree programs in 1979 in the fields of Hydrology (HYD) and Water Resources Management (WRM). A 3rd M.Phil degree program was started in 1994 in the discipline of Water Resources Engineering (WRE). The degree program in Hydrology was redesigned as Engineering Hydrology (EHY). In addition M.Sc. degree was initiated in the fields of Water Resources Management WRM, Engineering Hydrology EHY, and Water Resources Engineering WRE. The Centre offered a 4th postgraduate M.Sc. degree program in the discipline of Hydropower Engineering (HPE) in 2000.More than 350 students have so far successfully completed M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in different programs and presently 80 students are engaged either in course work or research thesis in the four degree programs of the Centre. The Centre’s graduates are highly demanding and are employed in national and international organization working in water sector.